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[ John Graham writes ]

It is past time that I expressed my appreciation to you in writing. When I brought my 1985 Saab down from Oregon in June of 1994, I was apprehensive about finding someone who would treat me fairly and give my car the honest, professional care to which I had been accustomed. I chose SwedishPro-Tech out of the telephone book because of its close proximity and have never looked back. You have since cared exclusively for my 1988 and 1994 Saabs and my wife's Volvo 740 GL. Neither of us can imagine why anyone would take their Saab or Volvo anywhere else.

Rey and Milos have learned well at the hands of the master. They are fast, competent, friendly and easy to converse with, and that always makes for a pleasant trip to your shop. Your professionalism and honesty when dealing with me renew my faith in the goodness of people. Your assessments have always been with consideration to the overall cost versus value and you have even talked me into less expensive, used parts when they have been a good alternative. You have, at times, even advised me to wait, when it was safe to do so, to replace a part until multiple repairs can be performed simultaneously at a reduced cost.

In all of our business dealings over the years, I have always felt that I was being treated more as a friend than as a customer. I don't know how many times I have driven in with a minor problem but no appointment, and you have fixed a problem for me on the spot. At no charge! I appreciate the time you take to explain each item on the invoice, and to show me the parts you have replaced without even being asked to.

Our loyalty is with you and your team and I will continue to recommend Swedish Pro-Tech without reservation. Thank you so much!

[ Gordon Gerson writes ]

This month marks ten years since you started servicing my 1989 740GL Volvo. I wish to go on the record with how pleased I am with the entire experience of dealing with you. You and your staff have kept my car running like new, even now after 230,000 miles. After you solved the very troublesome intermittent ignition switch problem, which the dealer couldn't fix, I have had very few problems with the car. It has been extremely reliable and a pleasure to drive.

Your honesty and diligence also have impressed me. You have never tried to sell me anything that the car didn't need, but you have informed me of work needed to prevent breakdowns and other problems. The result has been a reliable and enjoyable automobile. Your prices have been fair and competitive. In addition I appreciate the way you take the time to explain the details to me so I can understand the work. Milos and Ray also have been very courteous and pleasant to deal with.

Your new facility is a pleasure to visit, with a very comfortable waiting area. I can and have recommended you to my friends without reservation, and look forward to our continued association.

[ Richard and Linda Hanson write ]

It seems that one of the truisms of living in the modern world is that it is difficult to find an automobile mechanic who is attentive, honest and competent. About 20 years ago we were lucky to find one that met those standards in the person of Håkan Wiberg, the proprietor of Swedish Pro-Tech.

Our 1974 Volvo had been declared a total loss by the insurance company after a relatively minor collision but we thought there was still life left in it so we bought it back as salvage and had it repaired with used parts. We then asked the auto body shop where we could get the car evaluated and they suggested a new shop they had heard about, Swedish Pro-Tech. So we took the car to Håkan. At that time he was a one man show in his surgically clean shop. He spent quite some time checking everything over and ultimately declared the car as fit. And he refused any kind of payment. We were impressed then and continue to be impressed by the focus on detail given to each task, not only by Håkan, but by his employees as well.

After 31 years in the South Bay we moved to Tucson, Arizona in the summer of 2005. Before we left, Håkan said we could call him anytime if we had problems with our Volvo (we now have a later model) and he would be happy to work out the problem with us over the phone or confer with a local mechanic.

Not long after we arrived, the Volvo began to die at stop lights. Richard called Håkan, explained the problem to him and to another of his mechanics and they felt 99.9% sure that they knew what the problem was and that Richard could easily make the repairs himself. Parts were shipped by Håkan and then Håkan guided Richard, step by step, through the replacement exercise, by phone. The replacement went easily (only a Phillips screwdriver was needed) and the car now runs just great. Håkan only charged for the cost of the parts.

In our opinion it would be difficult to find a more attentive and competent repair facility than Håkan Wiberg's Swedish Pro-Tech.

[ from YELP - Cheri G. writes ]

I am giving this place 5-Stars and I have never used their services. Why? Well I got a notice from Saab that gave me a discount on my 5,000 service and a few months out my service light came on. So instead of going where Saab was going to send me I thought I would go to Swedish Pro-Tech because it was more convenient. The gentleman there informed me that he would love to do it and it would cost about $150 but he said the 2006 Saab's all get their 5,000 mile service for free if I went to the dealer. Which we did not know because of the notice sent said I got 20% discount not free. Swedish Pro-Tech did not have to tell me this and they could have had more business but they are honest and if there is one thing that is hard to find it is an honest auto repair shop. We took it to the dealer in Santa Monica and it was free.

We will be going here when it is not covered by Saab.

[ from YELP - Lisa A. writes ]

It is really difficult these days to find an automobile repair shop that is honest and reliable. Swedish ProTech is the exception! The owner Hakan is very friendly and always put me at ease whenever there is an issue with my Volvo and his staff members are very professional. I highly recommend this place!

[ from YELP - Ryan P. writes ]

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place and the owner Hakan!

Let me just start by saying Hakan and his staff are AMAZING and MARVELOUS to work with! They are HONEST, TRUTHFUL, and DO EXCELLENT WORK on GERMAN and SWEDISH CARS! Hakan drives what he works on so HE KNOWS what the car is supposed to sound and feel like when it is running!

My family has been driving Volvo's since 1982. That's well over 30 years and in those 30 plus years we have had 6 Volvo's! I know that doesn't sound like a lot of cars but that is because Hakan was always able to fix any issues that arose so we were able to drive all of them until the wheels came off!

My mom drives a 94 with over 200,000 miles on it now and my car has well over 160 thousand plus miles and still going strong THANKS to HAKAN and his WONDERFUL STAFF of ENGINEERS and MECHANICS!

The GREAT thing about this place is the SHOP is CLEAN and NEAT! His workers are CLEAN AND NEAT as well! Yes they will have dirty hands BUT they take pride in the work they do and YOUR VEHICLE! His prices are VERY REASONABLE AND FAIR! He WILL NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE of you. He explains everything BEFORE HE DOES THE WORK! He will tell you EXACTLY HOW MUCH EACH ITEM IS and the LABOR SEPARATELY! HE GIVES ITEMIZED BILLS! AND he WILL even SHOW YOU what was broken or needed repair if you want to see it!



[ from YELP Lisa M. writes ]

Honest, reliable, friendly. Three words that are most likely NOT synonymous with a repair shop, but they completely describe this one. I brought my old volvo here months ago when I was having a whole mess of problems with it. They looked at it for free and told me what they saw and gave me an estimate. FOR FREE!! That never happens anymore, anywhere.

Most recently, I brought my other volvo here because I was having some screeching problems with the brakes. They had just put new brakes on it less than a year ago, and changed the brake pads free of charge. How nice is that?? The guys are all really nice, and I never feel like they're lying to me or haggling me into buying other things. They're honest about what needs to be done, and don't try to cheat you out of money. They also have a huge waiting area upstairs for you, though the sun just burns through those windows like a crazy sauna in the afternoon. Needless to say, these guys are highly professional, and I definitely recommend them if you own a Swedish car!

[ from YELP - J.F. writes ]

As good as it gets! Reliable, knowledgable mechanics are worth every penny, I recently moved here from Chicago and was looking for a mechanic to service a 99 SAAB viggen and a 07 Volvo xc70, being new to the area and not knowing anybody i thought I'd be trying out mechanics and hoping to find the stellar mechanic I'd know in Chicago, I brought my Viggen in and had the serpentine belt and a new clutch petal replaced, on time with no extra charges or surprises. I've had the Viggen back for a month and now feel I've found my stellar mechanic on PCH.

Thanks Hakan

[ Bridget D. writes ]

We're so happy we found this place--it's our go-to repair place for our Volvo sedan. It was giving us some problems that were really hard to describe, but the guys there were so patient with us, and even stayed late on a Friday to make sure they got the job done so we could get our car back for the weekend.

We brought the car back in after a few weeks because we noticed a slight problem with the car shifting while it was idling, and they took it right in and fixed the problem free of cost since we had just been in there a few weeks prior.

They definitely know their stuff when it comes to Volvos and we feel so much more comfortable bringing the car here over a random place in town. The owner is very friendly and keeps in touch with you throughout the process so you feel informed about what exactly they're working on when it comes to your car!

I'd highly recommend this place to any Volvo owner in the area! They're quick, efficient and knowledgeable.

[ from YELP - Herman M. writes ]

Brought our 99 volvo in here with some stalling issues. They handled it the same day, for a really decent price. They were careful to research and find the problem, and fix it, very reasonably. I asked them to look over the rest of the car and let me know what else they saw needing done, and they did just that, and came up with an itemized, priced list of which work they'd recommend doing first. I completely trust these guys

[ from YELP - Emily J. writes ]

My boyfriend's Saab broke down a mile down the street from Swedish Pro Tech (thankfully!) and I was able to have it towed there for a fix. Hakan was so nice and helpful, explaining what was wrong with the car and providing updates as the repair progressed. I was able to get the car back the same day in sparkling condition, which was great! Hakan and the other mechanics are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, and I didn't feel like I was being led into other unnecessary repairs, the same of which can't be said about most auto repair shops. They did a great job in just a few hours! I would highly recommend this place for a high-value experience with great customer service.

[ from YELP - Andy B. writes ]

These guys are simply the best. They are true experts in the vehicles they service (far better and more knowledgeable than the dealership), and have a true customer service mentality. On several occasions I have had emergency issues that they worked after hours to resolve....just so I could get my car (and my life) back as quickly as possible.

I trust these people completely, and can always depend upon them for the safety of my car, myself, and my family.

[ from YELP - Lauren M. writes ]

Highly recommend. I have had a really tough time trusting repair shops with my 2004 Saab. My AC recently broke and after running in circles with different mechanics (who charged me lots of money and didn't fix the problem) I was hesitant to trust anyone new. So I went to the dealer and they told me, just to diagnose the problem, they wanted $200. I called Swedish Pro and they said to bring my car in and they'd take a look. And they did. They had my car for over 4 hours and didn't charge me a dime for their time. A+ service, super nice and knowledgeable.

[ from YELP - Diane L. writes ]

We've had more than 6 Saabs serviced here over the past 20 years. Hakan is smart, honest, and always tries to accommodate. He's also a great problem solver and never gives up. We once had a truly thorny problem when one of our cars was under warranty. The dealer just couldn't figure it out so we asked Hakan to look at it. He asked us to give him some time to think about it and one day he called to say he was certain he had figured out the problem, which he had. One last thing: he has saved us a ton of money over the years, offering creative fixes: for example, while the dealer told me to replace the front bumper when it hit a too-high driveway entrance, Hokun instead put some screws in the underside and tacked it back up so that it was perfectly functional and looked like new.

[ from YELP - Anette T. writes ]

This place is simply the best. Hakan and his team are very helpful: they have always quickly diagnosed the problem, taken the time to explain it to me in words I can understand, and given me different options for what to do. They have been honest, friendly and fair, and do great work. I've taken my car here for things from a simple oil change and checkup, to more major transmission replacement, and I've always come away with good results. I have never written a review before, but this place was good enough to bring me out of my shell. Very highly recommended!


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