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The technicians at Swedish Pro Tech rely upon sophisticated computer-based diagnostic systems to assist them in their troubleshooting efforts. These systems interface with the vehicle's Engine Control Computer (ECU) to provide diagnostic and troubleshooting data, and narrow down potential causes for problems. A brief description of these systems is given below.


The VIDA (Vehicle Information and Diagnostic) system uses a Windows PC to provide Service Manual Information, Parts Information, and Diagnostic Functions. Using the DiCE Vehicle Interface, Trouble Codes are read from the vehicle to help guide our Technicians through diagnostic and repair procedures. The diagram below shows how the system interacts with the vehicle, and some of the information that is made available.

These software/hardware tools are useful in troubleshooting various systems in the car including:


ISIS (Integrated Service Information Server) is the intelligent server system for the workshop of the future. This new platform is the foundation for a modern troubleshooting architecture (see illustration below). The new generation of diagnostics and programming systems, which are available with ICOM, ISID and IMIB, are also based on this service platform.


The ISID (Integrated Service Information Display) is an efficient display and operating device for the workshop. With numerous functions for diagnostics and programming, it will replace the DISplus and the GT1. The ISID has a direct connection to the ISIS.


ICOM (Integrated Communication Optical Module) is a multifunctional vehicle interface. It was developed for use in workshop and service applications and supports service consultation, diagnosis and vehicle programming / encoding processes. The ICOM system consists of the components A, B, and C. These can be used to process all vehicles of the BMW Group.

► MB Star C4

The SD Connect Compact 4 represents the most current Mercedes Benz diagnostic system, with updated software and hardware versions. It can read/delete trouble codes, read real-time sensor and actuator data, as well as code and program Mercedes Benz vehicles manufactured after the Year 2000. The system supports OBD2, K line, CAN BUS, and UDS protocols.

The system offers total diagnostic coverage of all vehicle systems, including:


ALLDATA Repair is an online source of manufacturers' diagnostic, maintenance and repair information. The technicians at Swedish Pro Tech can quickly retrieve repair procedures, technical service bulletins (TSBs) and diagrams using this system.

ALLDATA offers 24/7 up-to-date access to:


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